Monday, September 9, 2013


Please disregard any strange postings (other than the normal ones) that might appear.  There was a "you've signed into your account from another location" error message.  We didn't do that and don't know who did. Even resetting the password didn't fix it.  If someone hijacked the world-famous Choopie's blog, my favorite reader is going to be very upset!  Penny loves looking at all the pictures and watching the barking videos.  It seems to be working now.  Hopefully some stranger won't start posting dumb food photos.
Well, except this one.  Linda has found so many delicious ways to use her spinach.  This time for lunch she used refried (vegetarian) beans, black beans, quinoa, salsa, cheese, sauteed spinach-corn-red peppers on the flat bread.  If you put the flat bread in the toaster oven, it crisps up like a taco shell.  Cooking and eating at home is so much better than eating at a restaurant.  (Probably just the kind that Linda can afford to eat at.  Maybe most of the 5-star $$$$ places are worth it. Linda's been to one 5 star restaurant and it was OK. The atmosphere and service were way better than the actual food.)