Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day One Done

Day one of the training classes DONE!  Linda's brain about exploded with TMI.  She found out there were 100 questions on the written exam and she had to get 70 right to pass.  Instead of stressing and trying to perfect all the areas that were confusing, she just relaxed and went with what she did know.  There was no way she was missing 30 questions.  She could have gotten that much right without studying.  Some people didn't buy the text book or didn't even open it until last night.  In all, Linda probably studied about 20 hours, so there is a good chance she passed.  Plus, she had a full 1 1/2 hours to take the test.  No one told her she needed a calculator though.  The proctor let them share with those who had one.  No iPhone calculators allowed.  Who carries a calculator in their purse or gym bag?  Imagine if they made you kneel on the floor like these Martial Artists taking their test?

Even though Linda is a Black Belt she could never do a test in this position
 The practical parts were so easy she could have taught them with total confidence.  Tomorrow she'll be swinging a Kettle Bell around all day, so she might not be feeling as happy when she is done as she does right now.  Her back is a little sore from sitting in a hard chair for so long during the lectures.  Maybe it will counteract Sunday's craziness.

I wonder if GI Joe will be in her Kettle Bell class?
 These moon photos are for Penelope.  She adores the moon and goes crazy when its full in the sky. A friend took the shot a few days ago.  Linda misses Penny so much!  She really wanted to spend some time with her the last few days but couldn't because of the workshops.

Look Penny!  MOON!!! 
Jerry was able to come to walk, feed and check on Chimi and I while Linda was gone.  Good thing too.  She left so early that she didn't dare feed us just in case we had to go to the bathroom before Jerry got here.  All worked out great with no accidents.  Linda was expecting to be home way later than she was, so we'll get another walk if it stops raining.