Thursday, September 26, 2013


Thursdays are always Linda's favorite day of the week.  First, she gets to teach her Kid Fit class.  One of the Mom's snapped a photo today.  Linda can't remember what song she was doing, but the kids are always 100% committed.  Everyone should think exercise is this much fun, not just little kids!
In case you were wondering,  Linda is the one wearing the black pants and white top
After Kid Fit Linda drives right to Sarah's to spend the rest of the morning/early afternoon with Penelope.  Penny has still been talking about riding the horses, so Linda took her back to the mall.  She started squealing when they got close to the merry-go-round.  This time Penny knew exactly what horse she wanted to ride.  She made a bee-line for the one with the pink decorations.  Linda suffers from pretty severe motion sickness.  Towards the end, she had to pull Penny off the horse and sit in the "old lady" seat that doesn't move.  The worker lady stopped it just in time because Linda was going to have to ask her to stop the merry-go-round so they could get off.  It was about to be seriously less than merry.  Just thinking about it is making Linda's head swim and its been almost 10 hours. 
"Nana, you are such a wimp."
While they were on the carousle, a kids group called Rocknoceros (or something like that) was playing a concert right in the Food Court.  All the babies and toddlers were rocking-n-rolling, but Penny hung back close to Linda and didn't seem to want to get up near the stage to dance.  Apparently they are pretty popular with the 2-5 year old crowd.  The guy kept saying things like "this song is from our 3rd CD", but he also said "we can't afford to pay our horn player with this gig, so he didn't come."  Ha! 

Guess you are not that big-time if you are wearing red socks and sandals
Penny was way more interested in the cows on the Ben and Jerry's sign that was the backdrop of the stage.  She was screaming "COWS, Nana!!" trying to drown out the singers.  Of course they had to go to Nordstrom's before they left the mall to get a free balloon.  Penny was so tired after the adventure that she almost fell asleep eating in her high chair when they got home. 

Such a beautiful family! Sarah looks like a super model.  Penny is looking a little more like Taylor as she gets older. 

Linda was gone all day (and almost all night.)  She just got home from teaching her 4:30 and 5:30 classes because she went straight to a wonderful wedding celebration.  The short time she was home between 2:15-3:30 she fed us a big lunch and made sure we went outside.  There won't be a walk tonight because Linda's eyes are starting to glue shut and she is too tired.