Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seal Honks, stinging spiders and bacon

Saturday afternoon I started having these seal-honk coughing fits. (Remember, this is Choop and not Linda.  If she suffered with seal honks to go along with her bruising she would be at the emergency room right now instead of reading and relaxing.)  The noise and worry kept Linda awake most of the night, and came to a head around 4:00 a.m. when she finally got out of bed to hold me.  Since I've been a pup, I've had tracheal collapse.  That is a fancy name for an obstructed windpipe.  Excitement, exercise and (ahem....) being overweight can make it worse.  She was going to call the emergency vet this afternoon, but I've gotten a little better and am only honking about once an hour.  That is great news since an emergency trip to the vet would probably cost as much as at least 4 tanks of gas. 

Other than worrying, Linda has had a fun day.  Breakfast with Tierney, which sounds a lot like Breakfast at Tiffany's.   Tier actually had a Breakfast at Tiffany's formal birthday bash one year.

Court, Tier and Dawn.  BFF's from Kindergarten. You had to wear black.
Next was an amazing church service about LOVING and FORGIVING and ACCEPTING others (sometimes it is like the Pastor has a supernatural direct link inside Linda's brain.. which he kind of does!)  Linda is going to buy the CD and listen to it again. During the teaching, a big spider with piercing front chomper claws crawled on her sweater.  She brushed it to the floor (without shrieking), but it was still alive by her feet. Then Tier saw it and they were distracted stomping on the carpet trying to kill it. She totally didn't pay attention for about 10 minutes and missed some of the good points.

 After service, the whole family went to lunch at a new restaurant.  The reviews of the food were good on Yelp,  except the service was reported to be slow.  That's OK, its Sunday... no rush.  Except slow meant they waited 1 1/2 hours for their meal and Taylor and Christiana never even got theirs.  The manager took care of the whole bill.  The food they did get was over $60 and Taylor still has his Groupon coupon for another time.  Penelope was super good and didn't fuss at all.  She was entertained with crayons, cups, sunglasses, the outside patio, a big dog and a a few videos on the iPhone.  Two funny things: On a trip to the rest room, Linda was taken aback by why there would be a sign on the door not to put your baby in the toilet.

Never a good idea
 Then on the way past the bar she saw a drink that had bacon, lime and olives stuck in the glass of tomato juice.  She had to look up the name on the menu.  A bacon Bloody Mary.  Linda googled it when she got home to see if it was a made-up drink by the bartender.  Nope, there is a whole cult of people who put weird things in their Bloody Mary's.  Warning: The first drink shown on the link has a whole fish, head included, stuck in the glass. 
No, No and No thank you
Tomorrow Linda only teaches one Body Pump class so it's like having a day off!