Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Nana, read this book"

In case you wondered why there was no post yesterday (ha, as if!) its because there wasn't any laptop time.  There could have been, but long stretches have been going by where Linda doesn't want to have anything electronic in her space.  The TV has been 95% in the off position for months.  The CD player/radio hasn't been plugged in the same amount of time.  For the most part, she is just checking her email on the phone for work, church and family updates.  She still reads some blogs and keeps up with a few news sites online, but all-in-all it has been wonderfully quite/techie free in our house.  She still has to practice her BC/BP routines, but shes keeping that to set times of study.  During the day, she is turning off the phone and just checking it when she feels like it to see if there is a message.  (Good thing too or she would have missed having Penelope and Sarah over yesterday!)
How did she get soooo big so fast and when did she start talking in full sentences?
Linda's been going to bed before 10 most nights and waking up between 5:30-6:00 feeling refreshed and ready to roll. 
All tucked in for the night

Chimi loves being under the covers. Linda has to drag him out of bed in the morning.

All's fair.  Linda had to have a tuck-in picture too!
There has been a lot of reading, devotion time and cooking happening.  The days of Linda just eating a quick frozen microwave meal or cereal for dinner is no more.  She was so excited about the leftover veggie dish that she ate lunch at 11:15 yesterday because she couldn't wait for noon.  This time she cut up "chicken" (soy strips that taste so much like the real thing she has trouble with the consistency and "is this really not chicken" taste) and baked it on the top with more cheese.  Next up will be figuring out some different dishes so she doesn't keep cooking the same concoctions of squash, zucchini, mushrooms, kale, tomato, spinach, peppers, Brussels sprouts, asparagus just using different seasonings and toppings.  She might start experimenting with more vegetarian pizza and pasta ideas. She also hardly ever eats salads, so that's another idea. There is a place at our mall that does cooking lessons.  Maybe she'll treat herself to a few lessons as a birthday present!

(p.s.  Getting through her Body Combat class and then teaching Aqua Boot Camp on the hard concrete deck last night was painful.  The kettle bell muscle soreness was at its peak.  This morning it feels much better and hopefully her body will be back to normal.)