Friday, September 13, 2013

The answer is not 80

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!  How do I know? Linda made sure to get us up extra early so we could go outside.  The sky was just amazing.  It was so cool too. Thankfully, there wasn't a repeat of the disaster she woke up to Thursday, but both Chimi and I still have queasy stomachs.  We've been eating our plain chicken and rice.  Chimi didn't want to eat until the afternoon, but I was starving for both meals.  Just to be on the safe side, she got out the electric razor and shaved my entire back side. 

Linda made a few good recipes since the last post but her phone is charging in another room and its too far away to go get it so she can sync it to the laptop.  Yesterday she created a homemade Mexican pizza and a caramel rice cake decorated like a birthday cake for dessert. 

Linda has been studying all day.  Her certification training textbook came in the mail.  The book was expensive and its not even current (2011.)  There is also a separate paper that lists 29 mistakes in the book!  Linda took all the practice quizzes before she started reading and found 3 more errors (example: the key says the answer is true when its clearly false.)  One of the test questions asked how many bones in the human body.  Their answer was 80.  That would be one floppy human!  Now she's wondering if its a sketchy certification. 
True or False:  Exercising in a unitard is fashionable?