Monday, September 2, 2013

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won

Someone should have told Linda weed-whacking is a contact yard chore.  She wore shorts, and now her legs are all dinged up from the sharp stuff flying back and stinging her.  Yard Work=Worst Chore Ever.  She would rather clean ten dirty bathrooms then mow one yard.

Linda probably uses the weed whacker tool three or four times a season, and none at all this year since it has been broken.  After her class this morning, trying to fix the broken whacker was first on the to-do-list.  There are You Tube fixes for everything, and she was determined to do it herself. (Although she did it without a how-to video!)  Once she figured out how to get the black and orange spool thing off, it wasn't as hard as she thought.  The string was all tangled up.  She unwound it totally to the end and patiently rewound it.  She even got it fed through the little eyelets the right way on the first try!  Turns out, the thing was never threaded properly from the start.  In the past, it would work for 30 seconds, and then not work for 2 minutes then maybe work again if she was lucky.  It's one of those models that say no bumping needed but it never fed the line through the way it was supposed to.  Once she got it threaded right, it was so strong and worked so good it was hard to hold the cutter in a straight line.
She was actually trying to trim the edge of the grass sidewalk with it, but it kept going all crazy-eights and digging up dirt and chunks of grass.  About every 5 feet you'll see another zig-zag on the grass, but at least its looks kind of better. The front step looks waaaay better.

The six foot weeds in the backyard are for another day.  She will need to wear her sparring gear and eye goggles for that job.  Some of the weed stems are as thick as her wrist and will draw blood if they come back and hit her.