Sunday, September 8, 2013

Early Sundays and a Nautical Wedding

How come on the one day Linda can sleep in until 7:30 if she wants to we are awake before its light outside?  It could be something to do with going to bed at 9:30 last night.  She was really tired (in a good way this time, not in the muscle fatigue "oh my gosh, moving from the den to the bed is sooooo hard.")  Linda's favorite time of day is the early morning though.  It's not even like our house is any quieter in the AM, the house is the same quiet 24/7.  There is something so beautiful about being outside on the deck as dawn breaks.  

Childhood friends of Tierney and Taylor's got married yesterday near Annapolis.  They had a beautiful wedding and reception.  Linda was lame and didn't take any photos.  She even changed purses so she could bring her fancy-pants camera.  They did get a group shot at the nautical "photo booth" but shes not sure where to get a copy of the photo yet.  Penny was such a good girl all day even though it was a long day.  Linda had Penny out in the lobby as the bride started her procession to walk down the aisle.  Penny yelled out "PRETTY, PRETTY!" loud enough for everyone to hear. It was adorable. 
Tier took this shot with her iPhone. Penny doesn't usually doesn't ever smile in posed pictures, but she really was happy all day.   Linda drove to the wedding with Sarah and Taylor, but they wanted to explore downtown Annapolis after the reception with a big group of friends. Since she didn't want to go, she caught a ride home with the first group of people she saw leaving.  It was a tight fit in the car, but it all worked out. 

 Chimi and I got to have play-dates yesterday with our favorite people JW and PW. Anytime I go to  to JW's house, he always buys me delicious rotisserie chicken.  This time I got a big take-out box of roasted chicken wings.  Linda's thankful for the extra food, but she has to pull all the meat off the bones (yuck) before she gives it to us.
"Hey, hurry up and hand feed me my next morsel of food."
This is how I spend the hours with JW.  He treats me like a princess and obeys my every whim. We are waiting to see if we get a picture of Chimi's adventure with PW.  Chim is the opposite of me, he'll spend 75% of his time walking and exploring new trails instead of resting.  

The bruises on Linda's arms and legs are looking terrible, but she was able to use concealer to cover the bigger ones.  She also had Penny in her arms most of the time, so you couldn't really see them anyway. 
Not pretty. Penny says "Ouchie, Nana."