Saturday, September 28, 2013


Linda has really been craving something pumpkinish since she has been seeing all the recipes on Pintrest.  Back in the old days, Linda would satisfy her pumpkin craving with Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes. Now she dislikes Starbucks coffee (and the smell of the store... yuck.)  Just last night Sarah & Taylor were talking to Linda about delicious pumpkin food.  Look what they surprised her with today!!
The most incredible tasting pumpkin roll. They ate at a place called the Whining Butcher (or something like that) and Sarah saw this in the bakery case.  Knowing Linda would love it, she bought some for her.
Linda took a slice and put it on top of Edy's pumpkin ice cream, added whip cream and little caramel bites.  It might have dethroned carrot cake as Linda's favorite dessert.

After classes today, Linda tried to take Chimi for another run.  He is such a loser when it comes to moving fast on a leash.  He almost tripped her 3 times and she had to keep giving him a bump in the butt to keep him moving.  She just doesn't understand how he can run as fast as a cheetah off-leash but will only plod along during walks.  He is wayyyyyy faster than I am, but still no where near running speed.  If Linda power walks fast, he'll stay in front of her and set a decent pace.  The second he hears her start to run, he freezes and flops to the ground.