Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It feels like a Monday

Tuesday after Labor Day, the first day of school and traffic was terrible.  Linda has to be sure she leaves early for her next round of classes since its right when school buses are making their return trips. There were a lot of people posting first day of school photos on Facebook this morning.  Linda was feeling a little sad that she didn't have anyone to send off with a new backpack, lunch box and smile on their face.  She found a photo of Tier's first day of Kindergarten.  Linda made the dress (and a matching one for herself. Back in the day that was the "cool" thing to do.  I doubt many kids want to wear the same dress as their Mom now.)
It was probably the last photo that Tierney was taller than Taylor. 

Linda can't even contemplate Penelope starting school.  Good thing its a few years away so Linda can work up her resolve not to cry her eyes out.  When Penny went from Nursery to Toddlers at church it made her choke up a little.
"I'm not this baby anymore Nana.  Get used to it."
 There is a Shoppers Food Warehouse next to the Gold's Gym that she teaches at on Tuesday mornings.  The one by our house isn't too nice, so she never goes there.  Since the one by Gold's was convenient, she decided to go there to get her veggies.  It was wonderful!  Clean, not crowded, the layout was great, workers helpful, prices good and you don't need a customer card to get the sale price.  This is what she made for lunch with her haul:

Roasted eggplant, squash, zucchini, Portobello mushroom, sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese all drizzled with olive oil and Italian seasonings.   It was good and low calorie, but could have really used layers of cheese in between the veggies.  When she reheats the leftovers, she is going to add some mozzarella.  Since she decided lunch wasn't enough calories to get her through 3 hours of classes later, she ate a bowl of ice cream too!
The lunch of champions.

Chimi has taken over my favorite bed while Linda is gone.  He always looks guilty when she gets home and finds him camped out.  This was actually Chip Cat's bed, but when she died it got passed down to me.
You're way to big for this bed Chim.  Get off now.