Monday, September 9, 2013

All Good

Whew... my blog wasn't hacked.  We found out that other Blogger sites had problems today too and couldn't post.  It was some kind of template issue.  Someday Linda is going to learn how to make our own blog page so we don't have to use the blogging for dummies site.  (Don't hold your breath on that happening anytime soon.  She has to learn things like how to switch from cable to DVD to Apple TV and hook up her laptop to the TV first.)

Tonight Linda went to Taylor & Sarah's to watch football with the family.  It's the first time in years she has actually watched a football game (just to half-time though, so it still doesn't count as watching a full game.)  Plus, she did something social on a weeknight after teaching 4 hours of classes today.  That is a major accomplishment.  It was really great.  One of the snacks were delicious mini-muffin cookies with dark chocolate peanut butter cups pressed into the middle. It wasn't the kind of cookie you could stop at just one!  The Redskins were doing terrible when she left and she has no idea if they won or not.  I'm sure everyone will be talking about it tomorrow so she won't be in the dark for long.
 Chimi has been outside so much this week.  He loves his deck bed.  Linda used to leave him outside  when she left for a few hours, but is afraid someone will take him. This morning she had to use her big voice to make him come inside.  He loves the freedom of the fenced yard and doing his own dog things... rolling in rabbit poop; chewing sticks; digging holes and racing like the wind.

This is a video of Chimi watching himself on the laptop.  When she previewed this video a few seconds ago, he started howling really loud.  She should have taken a video of Chimi howling at Chimi howling-howling.  (Is that right?)