Friday, September 20, 2013

Teaching Chimi to run

Linda is trying to teach Chimi how to run.  What?  I know... he is a running fool around the house and backyard. 
He runs, sprints, jumps, twirls and goes crazy as long as he is off the leash.  As soon as Linda puts the leash on his collar, he sputters and stalls.  During a 20 minute (slow) run tonight, he almost tripped her 4 times.  The second the collar slips towards his ears, he has a panic attack.  She might go back to the body harness instead of the neck collar.  Once again, Linda dropped him back out the house and finished her run alone.  It felt so strange running without a dog for company.

This weekend is the BIG EXAM she has been studying for.  Instead of cramming tonight, Linda is giving her brain a rest.  It's like training for a marathon.  You don't run all night before the race.  Instead Linda had some ice cream; took a long hot shower and is going to bed in a few minutes. If she fails the test, there is a $99 retest fee.  Seriously?

This is so Linda.  She already has her gym bag ready, lunch planned out in the fridge, pencils, pens and a new notebook from Target all lined up on the dresser.  It might be freezing in the exam room, so she has layers and layers of clothes packed just in case.  She'll also be the first one to arrive and check in.  Check back tomorrow evening for an update on how day one went.