Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Prizes and Remembering Snickers

Today is the 13th Anniversary at the YMCA where Linda teaches.  They set up a big party in the lobby with vendors and food stuff.  One vendor had so many fun prizes.  Linda really wanted to take one of each (especially the purse size band aid holder) but she only took a cool pen and super nice water bottle.  If she wasn't pressed for time, she would have sat on the massage chair and gotten the kinks worked out of her shoulder.  There was even free pizza and later today when she goes back for the second round of classes there will be free cupcakes.  (Pizza and cupcakes after a hard workout?  Why not!)  Hopefully different people will be manning the booth this afternoon so she can take some more of the prizes.  Chimi would love the mini football and we could always use more clips to keep the chip bag shut. 

Linda ate the last of her squash-zucchini-spinach-mushroom-eggplant-quinoa casserole for lunch today.  She's got to go back to Pintrest and figure out another recipe that is easy to heat up in the toaster oven.  (We still don't have a microwave, so all things are heated/cooked the old fashioned way.  Well, not the real old fashioned way over a campfire or wood stove, but the pre-1960's way.  Linda remembers the first microwave she ever had. It wasn't until she had her own apartment. It was gigantic and cost as much as a range! No joke, in the late 70's she once tried to cook a whole turkey in the microwave when her parents came over for Thanksgiving.  She didn't even defrost it first.  Ha!  There was no turkey that year with dinner for her family. She can't remember ever trying to cook another turkey after that fiasco but she might have.  Vegetarians don't usually know how to cook meat.)

It is such a beautiful day that Linda is going to take us for a walk instead of studying.  She did an hour this morning and feels like if she opens the book again she'll start tearing the pages out and crumbling them up.  How do people study hard to understand material non-stop for weekly exams?  It's making her brain numb. 

Since there are no photos that go with this post, here are some shots of Good Ole' Boy Snickers when he was still spry enough to get around. 
He loved to give kisses

Snickers loved me from the very first day.  I was 1.5 pounds, he was almost 80 pounds!