Thursday, September 5, 2013

Down Chimi!

Penelope is giving The Dog Whisperer a run for his money.  She is able to control us with a word, look and point of her finger.   As Linda pulled into the driveway today, she was already practicing  "DOWN CHIMI" from her car seat.  When Linda unbuckled her, she sprinted up (as fast as chubby little toddler legs can sprint) to the front door screaming "DOWN Chimi...Choop! Choop!  I'm not sure who was more excited when Linda opened the front door.  There was a lot of barking and kid squealing going on all at the same time.  Penny provided a running commentary on every single thing we did.  If Chimi went to get the ball, she would scream "Whoa!"  If he didn't run right back to her she wailed "Oh NO!  If she wanted me to take a nap so she kept patting my bed and saying "Nite-Nite."  She's also mastered the art of holding the leash during walks.
This was during their first walk.  When Linda tried to hold the leash, she said "Me, Me Hold."

After lunch they watched a Curious George episode, played with toys, threw the ball in the backyard for Chimi to chase, she then was ready for a nap.  Since we don't have the porta-crib at our house, Linda put her back in the stroller to get her to sleep.  After about 10 houses, their was total silence.
Linda walked her 45 minutes but she was still snoring showed no signs of waking up.  It was heavy and awkward, but Linda picked up the Bob stroller with Penny inside and carried it up the steps into the house.
She woke up so happy and excited to see both PUPS as soon as she opened her eyes. 

"Pretty, pretty Nana"  She kept trying to hang the watch on her ear.

This was her flat hair after a long stroller nap