Monday, September 16, 2013

Have you seen this pony?

Tierney went to Italy with her girlfriends last month.  She had a wonderful time and took some amazing pictures.  Its a good thing that she wasn't there this week or she would have spent her whole trip trying to stage a rescue.  Charlie, the country's tiniest pony was kidnapped and is being held for ransom by (possibly) the Italian mafia!  Officials are treating this kidnapping seriously (as they should) and working hard to recover Charlie.  I can picture Tierney hunting high and low searching for the tiny horse. 
  I hope you are OK Charlie.
Linda has been fed-up with Chimi lately.  The last 5 days or so he has been annoying.  Whine, whine, whine. "Feed me, walk me, play with me, pet me."  Um.. no.. Chim.  You don't get to make the rules.  We eat when Linda says, walk when she says and are supposed to be good quite obedient dogs when she is busy.  This was the first night he wasn't perfect on the walk.  He wanted to choose where to cross the street.  When she didn't cross, he just got low to the ground and stopped.  She dropped me back home and took him out alone for some serious "who is the boss" training.  Linda made him run the entire time and not stop to sniff or dilly-dally.  He wasn't loving it, but when he hunkered down she ran behind him and gave him a little butt push to get him going again. 
At least he is worn out now and quieter.
If you've been missing Linda's yummy food pictures, here is some from the last few days:
Mexican pizza.  This was really good. It would have been amazing if Linda remembered to use cheese.

One of the top 5 dishes. Layered veggies, quinoa, and CHEESE
Lame dessert.  Rice cake, PB, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and cool whip. 
No, Linda didn't eat these. The look on these poor fishes faces make Linda sad.  She freaked out when she saw them at Whole Foods this am.
OOOOh, poor fish.