Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Party: part 2

The vendor at the YMCA who had all the nifty freebies must have gave it all away because he wasn't there this afternoon.  Instead, there was vegetarian food from a place called Zoe's serving hummus, dips, pita and veggies.  There was no line at that table but the Naked Pizza table was packed.  (No, the pizza servers weren't naked, that's just the name of the restaurant.) Linda also took a few minutes to have a chair massage.  The woman told Linda that she had a seriously messed up spine and recommended "Do not pass Go.. Go directly to the Dr." Something about a bony growth and swelling on the coccyx which is causing the pinching in her Sciatic nerve (and possibly severing the nerve altogether eventually.)  The lady said she wouldn't even touch the area until she had a Dr.'s note.  Maybe that is why Linda has been had back pain the last few years.  

Chimi has been loving the weather today.  Every time Linda wanted him to come inside, she had drag him back through the sliding door.  He so enjoys the deck and sun.  If only the world was a safer place where you could leave your dogs outside in a fenced area without fear of them being dog-napped while you are gone.  No one ever messed with Snickers since he was a big scary dog.  Chimi would run to the stranger and be his BFF, especially if they offered him a treat. 
With the chilly weather coming, Linda wanted to go through our winter coats and sweaters to see if we had clothes that still fit us.  Linda loves this white fur sweater on me.

This sweater isn't very manly, plus it was from when he was a puppy.  He has his rugged Army coat that still fits him although he HATES to put it on.
This was the outfit he was wearing when Linda adopted him from his birth mother.  It was a soccer jersey and a purple puffer vest.  He was playing outside in the yard when Linda first saw him.  Her heart melted because he looked just like a mini Snickers dog.   For some reason Tierney thought this ensemble was the funniest thing ever!