Monday, September 2, 2013

Abs the cheating way

For the first time ever, Chimi tired out before Linda on their walk.  Usually, she drops me off at the house for the second loop and he is raring to go.  This evening (I stayed home since my seal bark isn't all the way gone) Linda dropped him off at the house.  He was sluggish in the morning walk.  She chalked it up to it being hot and muggy.  The temp was fine tonight and he still wasn't walking fast enough.  After 30 minutes he was done.  Linda ran (really slow jogging, but saying you're "jogging" sounds so 1980) for another 10 minutes by herself.  She wanted to go longer, but her socks were bunching up in the back of her shoes and they were annoying.  Cheap socks always sound like a good idea when they are 10 pairs for $5.99, but that is not something you should scrimp on if your running.  A cruddy tee shirt and old shorts are fine but socks and sneakers are important.

Dinner tonight was the same as every other night except with different toppings and seasonings.
This time she added some talapia (OK, maybe she does need to eat more protein..) and added a mango-pineapple salsa to the top of the Portobello mushroom. When these veggies are gone, she is going to buy something different for variety.  Maybe some kale; cauliflower and broccoli.  She better start Pintresting some recipes.  For lunch she made a spinach, strawberry, grape, almond, and cheese salad with Panera Bread Co. poppy seed dressing.  It was in her top 10 of best lunches.

I don't know why she thinks people want to read about the food she is eating.  Not one person probably cares, they just want to see Penelope and puppy pictures.  It is kind of like an online diary for her so she can go back and see what to make if she runs out of ideas for dinner.  Since she has been posting food pictures, the number of hits the blog gets has gone up, so maybe at least some readers are interested.

Guy readers really want to read about where to get this fake ab vest.  You can go on Amazon and order one for if you have an extra $300 in your wallet. Or you can just cut the junk food and soda out of your diet and workout hard for free!
They should have had the model wear a tighter tee shirt.  It just looks like he is wearing a padded bra.

For the ladies, you can order your abs in a box to get the washboard look. If Linda did this before a Body Combat class her abs would run all over her shorts and make a huge mess since she sweats so much.
Somehow I doubt the results would turn out this good when you DIY
This is how rednecks get their abs of steel