Sunday, September 1, 2013


Linda had nursery duty tonight at church.  She loves when it is her turn.  There were only 5 babies, but 2 of them are tiny-weeny preemie twins.  It was so fun holding them and feeding them their wee bottles.  Taylor was twice the size of the babes when he was born, and they are 10 weeks old!  Their little diapers looked doll-size.  Aww....she is going to say extra prayers for them tonight. 
They are best buddies already!
There are no new mysterious bruises on Linda today.  The only bruise that she has is the one that she knew would happen.  Closing your hand in a door is a pretty sure sign its going to bruise, no guess work on this one.  By tomorrow, it should be nice and ripe.
 Linda is going to go back to the restaurant tomorrow to talk to the manager about the unbelievable bad experience they had at lunch.  The man said he would comp the bill, but it turns out they ran Taylor's $50 Groupon anyway.  She is going to be nice, but firm about either getting a full $50 gift card for a future visit.  Yikes...she is hoping the manager still has a job after today.  Every table was sending food back, being delivered the wrong food, waiting over an hour for their meals and being told they were out of stock on all the popular brunch foods.  If they don't agree, Linda will be forced to name the restaurant on this blog and all of Northern Va will boycott the place.  (Or at least the 4 people who read the blog!)