Sunday, September 29, 2013

Muy Bueno!

Linda had lunch today after church with Sarah, Taylor and Penny at a new Mexican joint called Azteca.  Here is her take-home box, and she already ate 1/2 of it at the restaurant!
Muy Bueno!
This is not a small to-go dessert size box, its a giant dinner plate box.  There were two of those chili rellanos plus more beans and rice for $8.99.  The salsa (both red and an unusual white salsa) were very good too.  The leftovers are enough for 2 more meals.  Tierney would love that the diet coke glasses were probably 32 ounces!

Penny was very cute asking for "chips" and "cheese" throughout the meal.  She is not even 1 1/2 yet but she acts like she is 3.  Without any prompting she is pointing to and saying letters on signs and menus. She pointed to a "P" and said "P for potty."  Sarah can't remember ever saying that to her!  When Tier was a few months older than Penny, Linda was getting a prescription filled at the drug store. Tierney asked Linda what the letters " P H A R M A C Y" spelled.  Linda didn't know she even knew all her letters.  A big thank you to Sesame Street for teaching her to read before she was even 5.  Watch out Aunt Tier, Penny is going to be reading sooner than you did!
Do little girls actually get any cuter than this? Chica Bonita!!
Linda finally broke down and bought new sneakers. She should be replacing her shoes ever few months.  If you add up the number of hours she teaches it might be even sooner.  The pair she is wearing is over 9 months old.  Now that she has added running (OK, fast jogging.. but that sounds so lame) to her activities, her feet and knees were starting to ache a bit  That is not an option with her job, so it was a mandatory expense, right?  Its probably something she could be writing-off on her taxes since she has to wear sneakers for her job, don't ya think?  Today she did 45 minutes of fast walking with Chimi, dropped him off and ran for another 25.  The shoes felt comfortable for the first time out of the box, but they were laced  too tight because the top of her feet got a little numb towards the end. There are 100's of crazy squirrels on the trail.  They kept freaking Linda out because they were darting in front of her every 5 seconds. (Or it could have been the same squirrel following her and just zig-zagging.)
Muy Loco!