Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wrong Idea

Just in case you get the wrong idea about Linda and her OCD issues, I wanted to set the record straight.  She doesn't have true OCD like some people she knows.  Not everything makes her crazy, just some things do.  There is a movie star girl who was in a movie called the Hunger Games.  (Linda can't think of her name, but she is often quoted saying funny things or pictures of her are posted tripping up the stairs.)  Linda read an article about her that said she once broke-up with a boyfriend because he left wet sponges in the kitchen sink overnight.  She said something to the effect "waking up to a fresh, new sponge on my kitchen sink makes living all worth while."  The guy would always leave the sink wet and the sponge soaked and she finally had enough.  I'm sure she was kidding, but Linda totally gets it.  Leaving a sponge wet, dishes in the sink for more than 15 minutes after cooking/eating, a dirty bathroom, hardwood floors with dust, or horrors of all horrors... leaving used glasses or food plates around the house makes her cringe.  These pictures of our house were all taken 15 minutes ago:
Notice the disarray and cups falling down. There looks like there might be a bottle of soy sauce in there too.

This is actually 10x better than it used to be.
One of the spare bedrooms downstairs is nothing but books and bears from Starbucks.
This big room was supposed to be her "workshop".  Taylor and Tierney still tease Linda about wanting tools.  It is used for storage and junk.
The weed whacker is still broke so this is our front step
This is a 6' fence.  There are weeds 6' high along the fence line.  No joke.  Even if we had a weed whacker, it wouldn't work.  Linda needs to borrow a machete to get these suckers cut.

See, I told you she doesn't have OCD.  No one with true OCD could have this kind of disarray around the house and not go crazy.  The difference, all the messes inside are behind closed doors.  She doesn't have to look at them.  She will clean the cup cabinet now that shes seen how bad it looks.  Maybe she can hire someone to do the yard work since it is her least favorite chore of all.