Friday, August 16, 2013

E I E I Oreos

(Shoulder update:  Linda's shoulder was great last night in Pump, but it had a set-back teaching Aqua today.  She was super careful not to swing her arms around and actually stayed on the pool deck for the whole class.  A really nice lady needed help getting up the ladder after class, and Linda wrenched the same shoulder trying to lift her out.  Icy Hot, Ibuprofen and total rest until tomorrows classes.)

Since Linda had a sub for her last two classes, she went with Taylor, Sarah and some more church friends to the Maryland county fair.  Penny had so much fun and wasn't intimidated by the animals at all.  They didn't eat any deep-fried Oreos this time, although Linda was curious what they tasted like. But they did indulge in the pizza, BBQ, sweet-tea, grilled corn, funnel cakes, soft serve ice cream, candied nuts and cotton candy.  Linda took over 100 pictures that she needs to go through and edit, but here are a few.
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What are Elephant Ears anyway?

Going to check out the first barn

Two of the prettiest girls at the fair
"Let me shift this into second Mama"

Penny took a nap halfway through the fair to recharge

The old-time country store reminded Linda of the stuff in her parents attic.
Penny milked a cow. She was a pro!!
And she had no problem climbing up the fences either.
"Hey goat, whatcha doing down there?"
This little piggy went to the fair
Linda isn't too proud to admit she is pretty tired.  Like so tired she is actually going to bed in about 15 minutes to read and rest her back/shoulder/knees.  I guess her standing in front of that Old Timer sign was right on the money.