Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pintrest Hopes

If you don't know what Pintrest is, don't google it.  It might be best if you stay away lest you get sucked into wasting huge chunks of time.  Sarah has a Pintrest account, but she does it the right way.  She sets a short time limit (say 10 minutes) and only looks at recipes and DIY crafts. Those are two things she actually uses and makes life better for her family. You might not know what DIY (do it yourself) is, Linda had to look it up before she started Pintresting.  If you have lots of friends who post and you look at their Pintrest boards, watch out because an hour will go by before you know it.  Linda likes the recipes, decorating, fitness, quotes, animal photos and outfit ensembles.  Look!  Tonight she made this from Pintrest recipes:
Roasted veggies with soy sauce, garlic, onion, olive oil and seasonings (Parmesan cheese on the asparagus).  The quinoa has pesto, chopped broccoli, and slivered almonds.  Linda said it was her favorite meal she has made in months.  All because of Pintrest.

She also has an adorable nursery planned for Tierney should she have a baby:

There are a few Pintrest DIY projects Linda would love to do including crocheting this rope around tube lighting to make a rug
and turning one of the smaller bedrooms into a walk-in closet.
Oh, and making this birthday cake for Tierney.  Yes, it's all cake!

Learning to do her eye makeup with this handy tutorial is a must. She has these colors, but really is horrible at putting on makeup.
Getting her concealed carry permit and buying these tights to wear under her shorts on the running trail is probably pretty important too.

She has lots of inspiring quotes saved should she ever start cross-stitching again.  She really likes this one.
  Someday she is going to organize her closets and put together beautiful outfits like this one:
Linda actually owns all these pieces, including a J Crew camel coat this looks very similar.  The first fall day this season she is so wearing this combo.  

She does use a lot of the cleaning tips and ideas.  This is next on her list to do:
See what I mean about wasting time on Pintrest?  You just wasted 5 minutes reading this blog post about all things Pintrest.