Thursday, August 1, 2013

Big shoes to fill

Penelope is having a growth-spurt.  She is eating SO MUCH FOOD and SLEEPING FOR SO LONG since its taking a lot of energy to get big and strong like her Daddy.  Today when Linda was getting ready to take her outside she told Penny to get her shoes on.  Um... wrong shoes!  Penny has a little way to grow before she will fit in her Daddy's shoes. (Taylor wears a size 15, so hopefully her feet don't get that big!)   Look at how tiny her foot is on his flip-flop!  Today she ate 2 eggs, a banana, 1/2 an apple, 2 slices of cheese, 7 Goldfish crackers and a bowl of mac-n-cheese... and that was all before 1:00! 

Tierney was able to send Linda an email today.   Her trip is fabulous so far.  She was in Livorno, Florance and Pisa today. Yesterday it was Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Monaco.  Tomorrow is Citavecchio and Rome. 
I love that she took this cheesy photo! Linda taught her well!!