Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pain in the Shoulder

A few years ago, Linda really dorked-up her shoulder.  It was so painful she actually went to the Dr's.  For her, that's major.  It got better and she never thought another thing about it.  (The surgeon said he has never seen a shoulder xray/mri look that bad.  He said it was on par with a 90 year old Olympic power lifter at the end of his career.  Linda said "no thanks" to surgery.)  Once she hobbled around with a totally torn ACL for months and months before she went to see the Dr. about getting a replacement.  She has to be horribly sick or totally lame to make an appointment.   Late last week, her shoulder started hurting again.  There wasn't any "OUCH! That hurt!" moment, it was a slow build.  By Sunday, it was burning and torture whenever she moved her arm.  She still taught all her classes this week, just went super light in Pump and pulled her punches in Combat.  Linda actually yelped in pain when she tried to put a plate back in the cabinet as she emptied the dishwasher this morning.  Then she couldn't get her ponytail in because her arm wouldn't lift high enough.   Not good.  Not happy.  Crabby-puss.  She sent an email out to get her classes covered for this afternoon thru Saturday.  She got 2 of the 8 classes she teaches covered, so at least that will help her rest a bit.

That's not where it hurts on her, but she liked the drawing. It hurts closer to the "PA"
She is going to glue a smile to her face and teach Body Pump in a few hours using really light or even no weight for shoulders and back.  Everyone will think she is a wimp, but Oh Well... better a wimp than having to take a few weeks totally off teaching.