Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dude, Where's My Car?

It was only 10 cents and so delicious!
Linda has two recurring dreams (and she has had them for years.)  One is that she can't get her locker open at school and the second is she forgets where she parked her car.  In the locker dream, she tries and tries the combination and eventually has to go to the school office to get a new combination.  In the car dream, she searches for hours and can't remember where she parked.  Both things kind of happened in real life today!  There was an amazing Car and Motorcycle show at her church today.  Check out this adorable red car with the little side tray.  It reminded her of this popcorn machine she saw at the fair yesterday.  This looks exactly like the one at the hot dog diner that she used to go to when she was growing up in N.J. 

Sarah drove Linda's little red Kia to the show since she had to be there early.  Linda stayed at the TH with Penny while she napped.  After Penny woke up and ate, Linda drove Sarah's SUV up to church. 

 Sarah had put Linda's keys in a locker inside of church since she was ministering on the playground and didn't have her purse.  It's an old-fashioned locker just like Linda had in the girls locker room in high school.  Even though Linda knew the combination, she couldn't get it unlocked.  Two times right, one time left.... pause... wait, it won't open.  Exactly like her dream.  She tried for 5 minutes and had to get Sarah's younger sister to open it for her.  Then she walked to the parking field to get her car but she couldn't find it anywhere.  Up and down the aisles.. no red Kia.  Next she went across the street and checked the lot at the movie theater.  Still no car.  She finally called Sarah and discovered it was parked in a neighborhood on a side street.   Maybe since she actually experienced both fears for the first time in real life, the dreams will stop.  

Tierney was an ambassador for Missions. She's been on trips to Kenya and St. Kitts.
Taylor got to work making wood-fired Pizzas.  He was so excited!