Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot, hot, hot

The hot, humid weather is back.  Linda has needed a sweater for our night walks the last few weeks, but I don't think she'll be needing one today.  It's actually too humid to do a walk before she leaves for class.  Although its been awhile since I've had a seizure, I still wheeze and gasp if I walk when it is too hot.  Since were talking about hot, the heat was stuck on and blasting in the group X studio that she taught in this morning.  Linda actually went to get the manager because there was such an intense heat radiating from the ceiling tiles she thought it might be a fire starting.  It even smelled like an electrical fire.  She teaches for 2 hours in a row.  By the 90 minute mark, they finally had the heat turned off and the AC running. A few of the older people had to leave the classes from the heat and Linda was so soaked she looked like had gone swimming.  After class she took her shirt off and twisted a puddle of sweat out of it!  When she got home, she drank 32 oz of water in about 3 minutes.   Ugh.  She is heading back to the same gym for her afternoon class.  It better not be a furnace again! 

"Did you remember to buy me more chicken?"