Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Desire What You Have Not

We are spoiled little dogs.  We have dog walkers (who volunteer!) when Linda works her long days.  I have 4 different beds to choose from and Chimi gets to sleep on the big chair in the den, the Big Bed (during the day) and he has a sweet set-up in the master bathroom for evenings.  Food?  No plain old cruddy dog food for us.  Most days she chops up fresh cooked chicken (actually cheaper per pound than the better quality canned dog food) and mixes it in with our food.  Tonight she was totally out of chicken and was way too tired to go out to the store.  Guess what we had?  Our favorite food in the world.  Salmon! Linda found a piece of salmon hiding in the way back of the freezer.  She didn't even know it was there. The package said it was still good for another month so she cooked it up for us.  OMG! It was so good that I was actually making snarfing noises while I was eating.  Salmon is really healthy for dogs, but that is the last time we'll probably ever get to have it since its expensive.
I will be satisfied with my plain chicken from now on
You're probably wondering why Linda is still awake at 9:45 p.m. on a Tuesday.  She is usually in bed by now, but she actually took a 30 minute nap today and is feeling like she might be able to stay awake until 10 p.m.  Her glutes and legs are going to be S O R E tomorrow.  Her amazing pedometer watch is lost, so she doesn't know how many miles she went or calories burned.  Most Tuesdays are 11 plus miles and over 2,500 calories burned, but today it had to be more. 

p.s.  No new Penelope pictures today.. maybe tomorrow!