Thursday, August 15, 2013

Love is Friendship on Fire

Wow, Linda's shoulder was so much better than she thought it would be tonight.  It is 75% recovered from just this morning when it hurt to raise her arm in any direction.  Body Pump was definitely do-able with a lighter bar and smaller hand weights.  The only time it really hurt was in the shoulder track doing rotations.  The straight overhead press and clean & press combo wasn't bad.  She's still glad she has subs tomorrow for 2 of her classes so she can take an almost day off of teaching and totally rest it.
This looks like her usual barbell... NOT!

Penelope had a lot of fun today with her Nana time.  They went for a walk, hit up the park and then came home for an amazing lunch.  Penny got a new cereal and she actually asked for it by name when she finished her sandwich and mac-n-cheese.  Linda had no idea what "Elmo" meant, but Penny kept pointing to the top of the refrigerator and she eventually figured it out.  Linda tasted a bite, ugh! Unless you like cardboard.  Penny thinks it is delicious though and that's what matters.

Tonight after class Linda went to the sweetest wedding ever.  It was so simple, yet elegant all at the same time.  Two best-friends (from before Kindergarten!) got married in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Linda cries at all weddings, but tonight she really teared up with joy.  The vows were so heartfelt and delivered with so much love.  The added bonus... a mid-August outside wedding was even a little chilly standing next to the pond!  She has a great picture of the bride and groom that captures the magic, but doesn't want to post it until the official FB photos are revealed.
Linda has wanted to use this picture for so long.  Finally the perfect post.
They almost got Penny to smile!  Linda always has weird arms and hands in group photos.

Just Married!