Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cook your chicken dirty

Yesterday was National Dogs are Amazing Day (or something like that) and I totally missed it.  It's OK though.  Everyday in our house it is dogs are amazing day.  We are smart, funny and keep Linda busy with our antics.  Read this story about how a woman is offering classes to teach dogs how to use an iPad.  First, you download some special apps.  One is a Yes and No button.  You put a little peanut butter on the yes button and ask "Do you want a cookie?"  When the dog licks the Yes button, they get a treat.  Eventually they figure out what button gets them the desired result. I guess for the "No" button you ask "Do you want a bath? or "Do you want your nails cut?" and when they lick the PB off, you plop them in the water or trim their nails.  The classes are $50 each, so we are just going to stick with our method. (Plus, you don't have to keep wiping dog drool off your screen.)
I already answer questions by barking.  This is just one example.  If she asks me "Do you want me to get my shoes on?" but I don't want to take a walk, I hide under the dresser.  If I do want to go, I'll bark and dance around.   The easiest question to answer is "Do you want chicken?"

 Linda also read an important news flash of how you should NEVER wash your chicken before you cook it.  When you bathe your chicken before you cook it, it spreads tons of germs and can get you sick.  It's a good thing that Linda had never heard that you should wash your chickens so she hasn't been doing it wrong.  She always uses a piece of foil to pick up the raw chicken parts before she cooks them because they feel gross and make her stomach queasy.