Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Chimi

Chimi is smiling because its his birthday today!  He didn't get any presents, but he did get extra chopped chicken mixed with his wet dog food and Linda has been giving him lots of rubs and scratches today.  Looking back at his newborn/puppy-hood life, it is amazing that we still have him and he didn't go live somewhere else.  That dog did more to try Linda's patience than any of our other pets combined.  He had no off switch.  He was the energizer puppy.  Non-stop he: played, ran, jumped, romped, tore around the house, ate shoes, destroyed every bed and toy Linda bought him, munched on cat poop from the litter box, and would try to tear out Linda's ponytail by the roots.  One time she actually raised her voice and YELLED at him to calm down.  (Like that works with a dog, kid or in any situation where someone is all spun up.) Then she burst into tears because she felt so stupid and frustrated that a 8 pound dog could get her that upset.  Chim has morphed into the sweetest, most lovable pooch ever.  He still can walk for miles, but he also doesn't complain about anything.  If it's time to go into his bed, he obeys.  He eats whatever she feeds him.  For the most part, he is good about not having inside accidents (unless he ate rabbit poop or a baby robin or some giant bug.)  He is gentle with babies and small children.  Chimi loves everyone who sets foot in our house and becomes their new BFF.
His first day at his forever home.
Newborn Chimi.  Look how big his paws are! Linda knew he would be a beast.
"You gonna eat all that?"
And one of my favorites, Chimi playing with Noah.

Sure... he is neurotic, strange, obsessive and gigantic for a Chihuahua, but we are going to keep him.