Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lots of pictures today

Nana, I've read all these books a million times already
Penny is so much like her Aunt Tierney in lots of ways.  For one, Penny loves reading books as much as Tier does.  Tier was reading before Kindergarten and has never stopped.  She can read an entire novel in one day and is now even a writer with a real agent and publishing deal.  Another way Penny is like Tierney is that she loves fashion.
Maybe one week it's her pink cowboy boots, another it's the leopard print Mary-Jane shoes. 

Aunt Tier rocking the fur hat look
           It first Linda didn't see much of Taylor in her, but now she has a lot of his traits too.
Deep squat form looks pretty good!
She is strong... really strong.  As a newborn, she was lifting her head up high and standing on her skinny wobbly legs.  You can't see it, but she is lifting up a heavy rolling pin she found under the couch.  (Taylor uses it to work out his IT/calf pain.) 
Nana got me this shirt!

She has so much of Sarah's personality... Super smart, beautiful, caring, sweet and kind.  Penny loves getting outdoors and doesn't mind one bit if all that playing gets her muddy and dirty. 
Girls just wanna have fun
You can see how Penny is starting to even look like Taylor.  This photo is from when her Daddy was almost four years old.