Monday, August 19, 2013

Ice Cream Revenge

Bad Linda.  She didn't take us on a walk at all today.  We had to make due with running around our backyard for exercise.  (OK, Chimi ran... I just went down off the steps, took care of business, and came back up every time I was done.)  There were grand plans to go for a long slow dog walk at 5:30, but she found out at the last minute she was supposed to sub a class tonight.  (Somehow, everyone knew she was subbing the 6:30 class but Linda.)   Oh well, at least she got another hour of pay that she wasn't counting on.  It also upped her daily calorie budget on My Fitness Pal (great app if you don't have it!) so she splurged on a whole cup of her favorite Edy's half-fat chocolate chip mint ice cream instead of her usual measly amount that she budgets in her eating plan. 
Don't be mad ice cream cone.  Just chill out!
Even though ice cream isn't a good way to refuel, it made her instantly feel better.  The sugar rush perked her right up! She got so tired teaching tonight and her shoulder was hurting.  At one point when she looked at the clock and saw there was still 25 minutes left to go, she got tears in her eyes (no one saw it and she just pretended to wipe her face with a towel.)  Body Pump and Body Combat plus a hard TKD class is usually her Monday limit.  If she knew in advance she was going to teach a fourth hour,  she would have mentally been prepared.   I'm sure the extra ice cream will take its revenge by giving her a stomach ache and keeping her tossing and turning in bed.

p.s.  This is the worst post ever but absolutely nothing fun happened today.  We didn't want to skip another day of blogging... sorry.