Monday, August 12, 2013

She's Home!

Yay!  Tierney is home safe and sound from her world adventures.   She has posted a gazillion photos of the trip to FB, and Linda is going to save them all so she can pretend that she was there too. 
This photo pretty much sums up Tier's personality and what most of the trip was probably like.  She is making her new friends from the cruise pretend they are seals.  The fact that Tier is only wearing one shoe is totally normal for her. There are also more pictures of them wrestling alligators, posing crazy with statues and Tier making best friends with every person on the cruise ship.   If you look back at all the cruise/Disney/vacation pictures they've taken as a family, they all have the same theme.  These are from the last vacation to Mexico:
Tierney and the wrestler
Tierney being fierce
Tierney stealing a cookie from the monster

Tierney being a giant puppet head scary lady?  Wouldn't surprise me!

You get the general idea. Where Tierney goes, fun is sure to follow!