Thursday, August 29, 2013

Merry-go-round fun

Linda loves being a Nana. Spending time alone with Penelope is one of her favorite things.   Could it really be almost 25 years ago that she was toting a baby and toddler around the mall?  She forgot how hard it is to go to the mall with a kid.  Of course now shopping malls are a whole lot different than when Tierney and Taylor were little.  Kids kicking off their expensive Nike sneakers stayed the same though. Today Penny got to ride the merry-go-round.  She loved it!
She kept saying "wheee....."
There are also video clips, but we first have to do all the "make the iPhone like your Windows laptop upload" tricks. Check back later for the video.  Don't worry, once the merry-go-round started moving, Linda held on to Penny.  Oh yeah, Linda remembered too late she can't do rides that spin.  About 30 seconds into it she got some serious motion sickness.  Luckily she didn't puke on the ride or have to make the lady stop it so they could get off. 

There is also an indoor play area.  Penny wasn't the youngest kid there, but she is the ONLY kid who had an adult walking around with her.  Moms were sitting on the benches texting or chatting with their friends while the 14-18 month old toddlers were playing.  Um... maybe you better watch your kids people.
"I'm going to try and ditch Nana.  Its embarrassing to have her follow me everywhere"
Penny was trying to push the airplane
Sarah had packed a lunch for them so they stopped at the food court to eat.  Behind their table was a Ben and Jerry's and Penny wanted ice cream in the worst way!  She kept pointing to the people getting cones and calling to them. 
I'm climbing out of this seat right now if you don't get me a cookie-dough cone Nana! 
When Linda got home, she did another Pinetrest cleaning chore.  This time it was the whole kitchen.  Yes, our kitchen is this small.  You can't see the fridge, and the small table behind her, but this is pretty much it.
Everything is so bright its blinding.  She used to be sad about the old cabinets and counters, but now she loves them.
Those wrinkled dish towels will have to be traded out for less creased ones.  Now that she sees it in the photo, it will bug her when she walks in the kitchen.  Admittedly, Linda can have a wee bit of OCD on some things.  Also, the blue sponge needs to be hidden.  The OCD comes and goes though.  There are weeks when a pile of clean clothes are on the family room couch waiting to be folded.