Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cleaning with Pintrest

Remember the Pintrest post about all the "to-do" things Linda wanted to do?  Such success!!  She started today.  So far she has:
Cleaned the kitchen sink.  This sink was born in 1982 (ish?) which makes it old.  It was looking ratty and no matter how much Linda sprayed cleaner on it, the finish was still dingy.  Ta-Da! After the miraculous Pintrest cleaning method, it actually looks almost brand new!! She even did the inside the garbage disposal cleaning.  Next up was the stove top:
This stove was a hand-me-down from when Tierney gutted her townhouse.  The home was a foreclosure and her Dad and brother basically rebuilt the entire inside.  When Linda got the stove, the entire top was crusted with food and she had to use a razor blade to even see any of the white rings. (She'll spare you what the inside of the oven looked like.)  For the last few years, it has looked OK, but still beat-up.  Hello Pintrest!  After the amazing "this will change your life" method it looks ridiculously good.  The little spot on the back is where the finish is worn off and she can't do anything about it.

One last project today.  She spent 2 hours cleaning the hall bathroom.  You all know she cleans everyday, but it is just a mop...wipe...spritz...and swish.  Today she did the whole shebang including toothbrushing the corners, taking off the light fixtures and soaking in the tub, using dryer sheets on the baseboard, using duct tape in the toilet to remove the rusty stains tucked under the rim (oh, and Resolve carpet cleaner in the grout.)  It was hard work, but now her bathroom looks like a model home. 

The part where you spray the tile and then take a hot shower to let the cleaner soak in wasn't the best idea.  Linda got a little light-headed from the smell.  All in all, not too shabby for an old-school bathroom built when Linda was still a gal in her 20's and not an old Nana.  It was so much fun cleaning she can't wait to check more projects off her list. There is so much more to do, maybe she can take a week off work and do a "cleanstation" instead of a vacation.   Check back for more cleaning make-overs!