Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mowing Woes

So much busyness.  Linda has just been checking her email on her iPhone since Friday morning since she didn't even open her laptop.  Slow down Linda, take a load off and chill. 

"Daddy, would you teach me how to swim?"
If you read Thursdays post, you know how much fun Linda had at the pool with Penny and Sarah.  (Taylor took her today for some more swimming.) After her Thursday evening classes, she went to bed early and read.  Friday was non-stop.  Up at 6:30 to clean the house (it had been over a week.. for Linda, that is just crazy) before she left for classes.  She was home for a few hours to finish cleaning and eat some lunch, then it was back to the gym for round two.  The best part of Friday was that she got to watch Penelope.  Sarah and Taylor dropped her off at the gym so they could have a date night.  Nana and Penny had dinner out together, went to church for some fellowship and then Linda took her back to the TH.  By the time Linda got home, it was 9:30 and bedtime. (Notice a pattern?  Linda likes to go to bed early.)

Today started out and ended up great.  Her classes were fun and she got home ready to rest up and eat.  Except there wasn't any resting.  She didn't mow last weekend and the grass was super long.  Ugh. Mowing.  Nothing went right. The mower kept dying.  There isn't any guard on the mower so grass blows all over her.

Her whole body was covered with grass
 A rock came shooting out, ricocheted off the house and hit her in the chest. There were tears involved.
Sob Sob.  Mowing is so hard....
Then the weed whacker wouldn't work.  There is string in it but its just going "wheeeeerrrrrr" and not actually cutting any weeds.
To make matters worse, while she was slaving away mowing backwards (her shoulder is still hurt so she couldn't push the mower.  She had to drag it behind her like oxen yoked up to a plow) the guy behind our house was just cruising around on his giant riding mower.

Linda took a shower, then did some errands that had to be done today.  Also, it was her turn to clean up at church, but that didn't happen.  She waited in the parking lot for over 20 minutes and no one came to unlock the church doors so she came back home.

She was in serious need for food so she pulled out all the stops and made herself a delicious meal and ate it outside by candlelight.  Ahhh... finally time to relax.
That's not real chicken. They are chipolte lime soy strips and really yummy!
 Now it's 9:30 p.m. and you know what that means!  Goodnight.