Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stroller Solutions

Linda has wanted to get a real stroller (and a car seat so she doesn't have to keep bothering Taylor to use the one from his car) so she can have it for our house.  Chimi is getting used to the big Bob stroller, but its a pain for Sarah to have to keep loading it in her car and bringing it over.  Penelope won't hold his leash yet anyway, so she can't bring me on the walk with them.  This would be a perfect solution!  Penny could sit in the big seat, I could sit in the sidecar while Chim could walks along the side. 

When we watched Noah, this is what Linda did so we could all go together on the walk:

Noah would hold the leash and I would ride in the net pouch in the back of the stroller.  Actually, I loved it and would try and jump in the net compartment all by myself.  This blue stroller would be better because I could see where I was going and Penny loves to me near me.