Friday, August 2, 2013

Fountains and Giant Mushrooms

Penny discovered how fun the fountains can be.  Sarah and Taylor took her for a long hike today.  They worked up quite an appetite and afterward stopped at a restaurant for lunch that had fountains out front.  She wasn't so sure about them turning on and off, but you can tell how much fun she was having. 
Linda had planned on walking us tonight, but had too much dinner and is in pain.  She ate a giant Portabella mushroom topped with sauteed spinach and roasted broccoli.  Her belly is actually hurting.  It's like the whole thing just expanded and doubled in her stomach.  It was delicious, but she should have just eaten 1/2 of it and saved the second half.  She didn't take a picture of the end recipe, but one mushroom was as large as her hand.  How is it even possible to overeat vegetables?  Hopefully that is all it is and she doesn't have some e-coli food poisoning that seems to be plaguing produce.