Sunday, August 25, 2013


* Whining:  To complain or protest in a childish fashion.

Sorry for all the whining yesterday about mowing.  Linda reread it and decided it was a stupid thing to complain about.  After all, she LOVES our house and LOVES having a yard for Chim and I to run around in. (I mean for Chim to run around in.)  She really should sell this big house. Linda lives in about 500 square feet of the house and the rest of it just makes her happy to look at.) Once she even started to get the house ready to sell by getting new flooring, carpet and beautiful paint on the walls.  When it was all done, she loved the house even more and couldn't bare the thought of moving.  Really though, we are going to move to a small TH sometime soon.  For Linda, it's all about having a private space that is quite (no TV, radio, or music for background noise) and clean with sparse decorations (No clutter that she can see...Messy closets are different as long as the doors shut.)   She would even be OK with getting rid of 99.9% of the stuff in the garage and storage rooms.  As long as she has her favorite furniture pieces and comfy bed, she would be totally happy no matter how small the sq. footage was.  There will be no more mowing whining stories.  Promise! *... just as soon as the weed whacker thing gets fixed and the mower doesn't conk-out.
Linda was looking for pictures of our house to post when she found this.  Look at the face of that massive dog eyeballing me.  I guess I'm pretty lucky to still be alive.  One bite and my head would be gone.

And this picture.  When I used to have daily seizures, Linda had to walk me in the umbrella stroller since even a slow walk could trigger one.

Oh.. and this shot of happy sweet Noah.  He used to take all those books out of the shelf and then wait until Linda put them back before he would take them all out again.  It was their special game.

Penny was just a wee-baby here.  She is such a big girl now. She is singing songs, saying big words like "octopus" and "penguin" and starting to repeat the ABC song when Linda sings it with her.  She is also using her potty most of the time when she is home.  Penny is learning to not be afraid of the deep pool too.  Listen for the "wheeee" at the beginning when Sarah spins her around.