Friday, August 30, 2013

Nail Nibbling and More Cleaning

(Fair warning... turn the volume down when you watch this video if you get freaked out by the sound of a dog chomping on their nails.)

Chimi has been acting weirder than normal lately.  You know how he likes to keep Linda in his line of vision whenever she is home? It is worse than ever.  He isn't the kind of dog that goes off to his own bed to nap.  Once a month he'll find a patch of sunshine streaming in the glass door and relax on the hardwood, but mostly he is close to Linda. It's as if he is either going to miss something important like a piece of food dropping to the floor or Linda getting her shoes on (which is dog talk for "Lets walk.")  Chim isn't as bad as some dogs we've seen on Cesar's The Dog Whisperer, but he is a worrier.   When he worries, he does repetitive behaviors.  The last few days he has been scratching the side of his face and nibbling on his nails. 
Sometimes he shreds toys, blankets or beds.  Other times he goes on hunger strikes.  Then for no reason at all he won't walk, he'll just flop his body around like a wet towel and cry.  Sometimes at night, he freezes in the backyard and is too afraid to come back inside.  Linda has to go down the deck steps and carry him back up.  I know your thinking "It must be something physically wrong" but it is all emotional.  A plastic bag, book, comb, key fob, DVD case, the sound of a dropping shoe, seeing a kid on a bike or even a bug flying into him can make him come unglued.  I'm totally the opposite.  A real loner and super laid back.. except in thunder storms. Tier calls me the emo dog.  I would rather be alone than have company (guess who I take after?)

Linda took 15 minutes earlier and cleaned out the cabinet of glasses.  It was so easy that she is going to do the plates and tupperware cabinets next.
There were glasses that she hasn't used in years (which are now in the trash can. They were so old that even the thrift store wouldn't have wanted them.)  She also Pintrest cleaned the living room and dining room this morning before classes.   Look at the shiny hardwood floor!  She wanted to try the teabags steeped in hot water method for cleaning hardwood, but was afraid it would wreck the finish.  Has anyone actually done that? 
Now that most of our house is Pintrestsized, we should invite some people over on Saturday night.  We even have an unopened Costco size jar of organic salsa and a giant slab of cheese. 
Or not.  This happens more than you think