Thursday, August 22, 2013


It was a great day for a trip to the pool!  Penny wasn't super excited getting her swimsuit on at the TH, but once she was fortified with a second breakfast she was raring to go.  The lifeguard gave her a Nemo fish and ball to play with.  She was holding on to them for dear life! 
Sarah bought her a new little swim vest, but since she didn't want to let go of Sarah's hands, she really didn't need it.  
Linda is a huge wimp with cold water.  Sometimes she doesn't even get in the pool when she teaches her Aqua Boot Camp classes because the water is too cold.  This is as far as Linda got in today.  Linda took a really cute video of Penny swimming while she is saying "Wheee....." but Linda doesn't have time right now to figure out how to flip it upright.  For some reason, the iPhone always rotates video sideways and she always forgets how to fix it.  Check back later tonight for a possible update.
When they were getting ready to leave, Penelope wanted to wear Linda's shoes.  I think we need to buy her a pair of boat shoes to match the rest of the family since everyone has a pair (even baby Jackson!) but her.