Friday, August 9, 2013

Time Out

Poor Chimi.  He has been demoted back to having to staying all alone in the bathroom while Linda is gone.  He has had 3 accidents inside on the carpet and a few pukes.  Linda splurged when we replaced our old, dingy carpet with our new amazing pet-friendly-no-stain-can-damage-it-ever carpet, so basically nothing can ruin it.  He always sleeps in the bathroom at night, (he has a huge bed, water and a toy) but the past few days he's been shut in there while Linda is working or at church. It's not like he is in there that often though.  Linda likes to stay home if she doesn't have to be somewhere.  Some people call it being an introvert. (Look, #10 is Chimi!)  The fact that most of these statements are true about her is just totally a coincidence.
The funny thing about Linda is she is not at all shy teaching a crowded group X class or doing any sort of public speaking.  One time she was asked at the last-minute to give a motivational speech to the board of directors at a major hospital and she winged it without notes.  She can also chat with total strangers in line at the store without breaking out in hives.  She does get sweaty when she has to talk on the phone or attend a small meeting.  Maybe her weird personality has rubbed off on Chimi and that is why he is so strange.