Monday, August 5, 2013

Kangaroo Dog & Athens

Guess who can now hold the leash?  Penelope surprised Linda today and did a great job of walking Chimi.  She didn't drop the leash once and made sure he stayed on task.  Now if Linda can only get her to pick up the poop too!  (Speaking of poop, Penny is telling Sarah that she has to "poop." She would go anytime you sat her on her little potty, but now she is actually figuring it out ahead of time and saying the word.)

Chimi has a girlfriend who lives in the yard behind us.  Well, we are actually not sure if its a girl or a boy dog.  He might not love the dog at all, it might be a male and he wants to show it who is boss.  The dog is about a 10 pound Maltese.  Chim goes ballistic when the dog is in its backyard. The pup totally ignores Chimi and hasn't once ever barked at him.  Our fence is 6' high.  Chimi isn't a very tall dog but he was doing his best to get over the fence.  Penny is sitting in Linda's lap while she is filming this and adding her own commentary.  Wait for the tiger roar at the end!

She was so tired when Sarah picked her up that she fell asleep in the car 2 minutes after they left the driveway.
Tierney was able to send Linda another email today.  They were in Athens yesterday seeing all the beautiful sights.  Today they are in Turkey.  We are counting the days until she is home and we can hear all about the trip.