Wednesday, August 7, 2013

World Traveler and Pink Sports Bra

Tuesday was one of those busy days where Linda didn't get near her laptop.  Usually, Tuesday is 10 miles worth of classes but yesterday it was 11.6 and that wasn't any walks or jogs.  Dinner was just some bean dip and veggie chips, then a hot bath and in bed by 9:15.   She did pop open her email a few times from her phone, just in case Tierney checked-in.  She did!  All is well and they are visiting amazing places,  drinking coffee and eating gelato at cafes.

Todat they will be in Ephesus, Turkey.  The cruise directors think it is safe to tour the area even with the embassies closing and the recent terror threat.  We know they have angles-round-about and will be fine. Next up is Pompeii and climbing Mt. Vesuvius.  I hope Tierney packed other shoes besides her Tory Burch flats!   

Penny is changing so much everyday.  Her newest thing is trying on Mama's clothes, shoes and acting the big girl!  She is wearing her Nana's gloves from when Linda was little.
This is her serious face.  She's also wants to wear socks around the house.
Yesterday she was putting on clothes from the laundry basket.  There is a funny picture of her wearing Sarah's sports bra, but I won't post it here to give Sarah a little privacy.  I will say it matches her socks perfectly and hangs down to her hips.  So cute!!