Thursday, December 20, 2012

Workout Girl

To tide Chimi over, Linda bought him this Woobie at the pet store this afternoon.  Its just a twisted knot of soft, lamby material with no stuffing.  He loves it and has been nursing while he naps. She couldn't find a Flat Fox or Coyote, but she did find a store that sells them.  Hopefully she can go on Saturday after her classes.

Penelope's cold is much better.  She still has a runny nose, but didn't cough once the whole time Linda watched her.  She was happy and playful and full of smiles.   Eventually, her toys on the area rug became boring and she made her way to Sarah's workout weights.
"I want to teach Body Pump just like Nana"
Linda was keeping a close eye on her and stopped her the second she touched them.  Now that she is moving around the floor, there will be no turning your back on her for one second!  Watch out world, here comes Penny!