Thursday, December 13, 2012

To Do or Not To Do, That is the Question

Our day is panning out different than Linda thought.  It's never really bothers her when she has a plan for the day and then suddenly, it gets changed.  (She wasn't always like that.  She learned about 10 years ago to relax and breath.. just roll with the punches. Before that it would make her crazy if things didn't get done on a particular day at the planned time. No joke, the sheets HAD to be changed every Friday morning within minutes of the alarm going.  There are 100's of things that used to have time slots, but you would get cross-eyed reading them all.)  Anyway, she woke up with a smile on her face and feels so blessed to even have a day off from teaching (even if there is a 2.5 hour staff meeting.) 
Look!  They used a sketch of me! Linda is so going to download this and get some printed

Since I'm blogging about time management, the "do a chore while you can" plan is such a great idea.  Usually while the coffee brews, Linda would jump on the laptop to check her email.  Today, she got wood cleaner out and started to buff/shine the kitchen cabinets.  The ones she finished look so shiny and new!  Then when she walked in the master bath to get Chim's bowl (he has to eat in there alone or I'll gobble up all his food), she took 10 minutes to wipe down the baseboards.   She wants to get one of those cleaning aprons with lots of pockets.  If she wears it around the house while she is home, all her supplies will be right at her fingertips and it will be even more convenient to do a quick chore.
P.S.  After Linda proof read this post, she realized that she is falling right back into the same trap she was freed from.  Now, it's not a day-time-cleaning chore like it used to be... but it's kind of the same problem.  What if she is not supposed to spend the extra 15 minutes scrubbing the heating vents; but she is supposed to pray for someones healing or read her Bible during that time?  Never mind about the apron.