Monday, December 31, 2012

Be Kind

This morning was cold, it felt like the coldest day this winter.  Our outside water bowl was frozen solid and the temperature was in the 20's.  Neither Chim nor I wanted to stay outside long, we did our business and barked to be let back in.  Linda's home from her AM classes and is done teaching for the day! Yipee for her!!  Later this afternoon she is going to pick up her new (old) chair for the den.  Our love seat is sagging and the arm is squished.  The guys are going to move it downstairs since it's part of the family room set.  The new chair is a a long lounge chair and is so comfy!  Linda could probably nap on it if she wanted to.  Pictures to follow later today.

Now this is sportsmanship.  Be kind and respectful everyone.

Our local team, the Redskins, won a big game last night.  Linda doesn't watch football.. even if it's the Superbowl. Back in the 80's she liked it.. but it's when she actually hung out with some of the players and felt invested.  She wouldn't know even most of the players if they were in line in front of her at Target.  It's weird for her to root for a team of strangers.  Something did make her mad today.  It is the way radio DJ's are bashing the Cowboy's and making fun of them.  On a few stations she heard all sorts of name calling about a few players.  (Big Baby, Cry Baby, Jerk, Goat,  "the hot wife should leave him because he's such a loser" . just unnecessary rudeness.)  Go ahead and root for your team, but please stop the personal bashing. 
Why is it a Crock pot?  Did a guy name Crock invent it??

It's chicken and rice day.  Usually on Monday Linda cooks our food for the week.  It's a process of boiling the chicken, taking it out of the pot and then cooking the rice.  Instead, Linda found a giant Crock Pot on after Christmas clearance.  It will be so much easier for her.  The only downside.. Chim and I have to smell the delicious aroma for hours and hours.  It makes us both crazy when she starts boiling the chicken.  We'll just have to learn to be patient. 
Look, other dogs like Woobies just like Chimi!  Maybe she should get him one of these to suck on.