Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From Choop and Chimi

There has been a gift bag on the kitchen table for a few days.  I've been keeping my eye on it and Chim has been standing on his back legs trying to get closer to see what was inside.  We could smell something wonderful, but usually Linda keeps our treats in a sealed container.  This morning was Merry Christmas, so we got to open the gift. 
Of course Chimi was afraid of the bag and wouldn't look inside.
"Move away Chim, this is a job for a brave dog"

"Choop... Be careful, it could be dangerous!"
"Don't worry Chimi, you're going to be very excited when you see our presents!"

Two cookie-bones and a bag of balls.  Whoo-hoo!!
 Merry Christmas!!  Linda will be leaving in a little while to eat breakfast with the family and exchange prizes.  You'll want to check back later tonight for all the fun pictures.  

From Linda:  Don't forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  It's not for the gift bags full of goodness or how many chocolate chip pancakes you can eat...