Sunday, December 23, 2012

Someone Scary at the Front Door

It was one of those days yesterday that Linda was somehow still in her TKD pants up until bedtime.  She got home at 2:00 p.m, and got busy with all the things she didn't do on Friday.  After cleaning, wrapping and gift bagging, a late lunch-dinner, she watched 2 episodes of Alias. (She had to finish the series. BTW, Will Tippen is starring in a new movie that is out right now.  Linda might have to go see it just because he's in it.  She has no idea what the actors name is though. He'll always be Will Tippen to her.)   Around 7:45, Linda was downstairs folding laundry when she heard me barking upstairs.  I usually bark like that if someone is at the door, but she didn't hear any bell or knocking.  She did the sneaky-pose and crept up the stairs to look out the peephole.  All she saw up against the hole was what looked like the end of a gun! Her heart was beating 1,000 a minute.  Yikes!!!  She peaked again and could see a part of Penny's chubby cheeks.  Taylor was holding her so close to the peep hole that all Linda could see was the middle of her pacifier.  Whew, it's a good thing she looked again and didn't go into Ninja mode.  Taylor asked her why she stayed at the door if she thought it was a gun!  She should have run and called 911.  I guess she learned that from scary movies.  At least she kept the light on and didn't hide under the bed.

Penny was much better with Chimi last night.  Taylor or Sarah held her while Chim sat quietly and let her get used to him.  I was the same as always.  I'll sit still for a few pets but as soon as she started running (holding onto Sarah's hands) after me, I went and found an out of the way bed.  I really only like babies when they sit still.  I'm not much for being chased.

2011 Christmas.  Only a few more sleeps until the big day!