Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chimi Woes

Things are a little tense in our house right now.  Chimi doesn't have a woobie to nurse on.  Last night he was gagging on the strings that are hanging off what is left of it.  Before Flat Fox, there was a Flat Coyote but it was decimated and Linda replaced it. They are about 3 feet long and cost a fortune.  The price is well worth it to keep Chimi soothed.  He thinks they are his Mommy.  Without a woobie to suck he paces, cries and whines.  Last night he had to go in his bed without it because Linda didn't want him to choke.
This was Flat Fox before he turned into Destroyed Fox

This is what is left of it! For some reason, the blogger interface won't let me make another paragraph.  It just keeps staying in the caption mode.  Sorry if this is hard to read.  Anyway, Chim will have to wait until tomorrow for Linda to drive to the pet store that carries the exact one he likes.  The $10 cheap imitations only last a few days.